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Hi, I’m Anna and I help post-natal to post-menopausal women overcome leaks, bulges, pain and weakness so you can get back to doing the things you love and feel like yourself again.

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I know you’ve got the kids to take care of (possibly parents too) AND you’re trying to keep your career on track AND keep in touch with your friends AND remember All The Things for All The People. It’s no wonder you’re struggling to find time for your own health and wellbeing! Don’t worry – I’m here to help you.

Hi, I'm Anna

Chartered and HCPC-registered physiotherapist and private pilates instructor in york

Hi, I’m Anna!

I’ve spent 18 years honing my skills as a physiotherapist. Even as a fresh-out-of-uni physio it was clear to me that women needed a different approach than the biomedical model of care was able to provide. 

I was seeing these women come through with common but complex social situations – working the “double shift”, caring for kids and parents, trying to fit in their physio alongside it all. Eventually, they would fall off the radar, deprioritising their own needs in favour of their families or employers or society’s expectations. They needed more time, a listening ear, a realistic, tailored and flexible plan. Now I’m able to provide all of that.

I love learning and I’m often found listening to podcasts, reading books and articles or researching my next professional development course. It’s thrilling to me to bring that knowledge to work and use it to help women get back to themselves again.

Away from work I’m hanging out with my family, pottering about in the garden or dreaming of wild places and journeys on foot. 

If you’re ready to work with a women’s health physiotherapist who really gets where you’re coming from, I’m your woman.

Anna Winstanley: Qualified physiotherapist

  • BHSc (Hons) Physiotherapy
  • Memberships of Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) and Pelvic, Obstetric and Gynaecological Physiotherapists (POGP)
  • Fully Certified Pilates Matwork Instructor with APPI
  • Post-graduate training and education in pregnancy and postnatal Pilates (APPI), Postnatal recovery certification (Burrell Education), Physiotherapy for menopause (POGP), 3rd Age Woman’s Wellbeing (Burrell Education), Female urinary dysfunction (POGP) Pelvic Organ Prolapse management (POGP), Explain Pain (Neuro Orthopaedic Institute).

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women's health physiotherapy can help you if:

Let’s get you a bespoke physiotherapy plan that works for your body and your life, so you can feel in control and start enjoying life again.

This is not just about stopping the leaks, or easing the physical pain. This is radical self-healing, self-love and empowerment for the next stage of your life with women’s health physiotherapy.

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