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What to expect at your msk physiotherapy appointment

Prior to your initial appointment you will complete a detailed pre-assessment form to ensure that all essential details are captured and we can make the most of our first appointment together.

At that first appointment, I will carry out a detailed consultation regarding your current problems, any medical background and lifestyle factors. This is your opportunity to tell me about your goals and any day to day limitations that you may be experiencing. 

The physical assessment will follow, in which we will either try to reproduce your symptoms and/or analyse your movement and strength.

Finally, a bespoke plan will be agreed upon, and you will receive an individual movement prescription. Each session will include an educational component to help you understand the physiological and biomechanical changes that need to take place.

I believe that understanding your own body underpins successful physical recovery. I aim to make that knowledge relatable for you and welcome discussion and questioning.

How are you supported after your appointment?

After your assessment, you will receive your bespoke exercise program emailed out to you, accessible on a downloadable app or by PDF on request. You will also receive any additional resources, tips and encouragement. Anna is contactable via email in between appointments should you need further clarification on anything. Depending on your progress, follow up appointments can be in person or via video call – whichever is most convenient for you, week to week.

"I went to see Anna after having some surgery. I wanted support to feel confident about restarting exercise and also wanted to improve my strength with a view to returning to work. The support I received from Anna was extremely helpful. Anna has a caring, professional and realistic approach. For example, knowing that I had a busy family and working life Anna didn’t overwhelm me with exercise plans and ideas. Anna broke the work down into manageable chunks and explained everything thoroughly. Although I came to see Anna for a specific reason she also helped me deal with an underlying issue which to me highlights how Anna always takes a holistic approach. Anna clearly has huge amounts of knowledge and is able to share this in a relatable way. I would highly recommend Anna and have in fact already recommended her to another friend"
Debs - Musculoskeletal (MSK) Physiotherapy

Meet anna winstanley

Your Chartered Physiotherapist, Anna Winstanley has a wealth of experience managing musculoskeletal conditions and helping patients get back to doing the things they love, the things that are important to them.

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Musculoskeletal MSK physiotherapy FAQs

Physiotherapy is a profession, not a specific treatment. Each physiotherapist has their own unique toolbox that plays to their unique strengths and reflects their professional and educational journey. As with all professional services, it’s important to find the person who aligns with you and your needs at that time. You can find about more about me here, or you can book a free 15-minute chat to suss me out! I’d love to help you, but if it’s not to be, I’m happy to point you towards other local colleagues too.

So frustrating for you when you have waited for that appointment, I know. I also send out exercise sheets, but each one is devised for you, with individualised advice and tips. And I take the time to go through all exercises with you in the session, so you can feel and learn the moves in your body as well as through your eyeballs! Exercise forms a big part of physiotherapy treatment for good reason – the evidence base is strong for many musculoskeletal conditions, and it puts the power in your hands – you get to physio yourself every day for free! That said, there are lots of other adjunctive approaches such as strapping and taping, soft tissue and joint mobilisation, and education.

If you have any relevant test results, surgical discharge letters or results of other investigations, these can be useful in formulating a clear picture of your problem.

If you are having a shoulder/neck /upper back a strappy vest top or sports bra is useful so I can see the area being assessed. Similarly, if I am assessing lower back, hip or leg problems, please bring shorts. Otherwise, just be comfortable

No, you can attend if you think you have a problem that musculoskeletal physiotherapy can help.

I get it, we are all used to free health services from our amazing NHS. But money spent on your health and wellbeing is never wasted if it enables you to work, parent and stay active. It’s an investment in your longevity and quality of life. Ultimately, my goal is to get you to the point where you don’t need me anymore because you have the tools, the understanding and the confidence to manage things independently. And there’s no pressure to attend every week – I prefer longer gaps with support in between should you need it. It’s all tailored to what you prefer within your means.

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"You made such a difference to my quality of life when I needed help with my shoulder problem last year. Within days of starting the recommended exercises, my pain reduced and I felt more comfortable. I liked the fact that the initial exercises were on an app for me. I also liked the fact that you recorded some of our zoom sessions so that I was able to look back and check that I was doing what I was meant to. I’m pleased to say that I’ve continued to gain movement in my shoulder over the past few months - I’d say that it’s more or less back to normal now. I’m able to do yoga properly again and have found swimming and weight training in the gym to be really helpful for building strength back into my arm"
Maureen H - Musculoskeletal (MSK) Physiotherapy