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Mummy MOT Vs. Postnatal MOT with Anna Winstanley Physiotherapy

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One of the questions I am sometimes asked is whether I offer The Mummy MOT that you might have read or heard about in the media. I thought it would be useful to explain the background to The Mummy MOT and how that compares with the service I provide. 

What is The Mummy MOT?

The Mummy MOT is a licensed ‘brand’ of postnatal physiotherapy check for mums. It was founded by women’s health physio, Maria Elliot to create a service within the private healthcare sector which bridges the gap between the pelvic health and musculoskeletal rehabilitation needs of postnatal mothers. It’s a fantastic programme which has helped bring pelvic health and postnatal rehab into the spotlight through its high profile media coverage and engagement with celebrity ambassadors.

Who can offer The Mummy MOT?

MummyMOT offer training courses to physiotherapists, midwives and osteopaths (and from 2024, Fitness Professionals) so you may get a different background or skillset, depending on the provider that you choose.

I definitely considered going down this route with my own training, however, the logistics just didn’t work out for me and instead I have acquired specialist knowledge and training via other postgraduate education providers, building the same skillset required to offer postnatal checks, but addressing each area in depth, over time. The service I provide is the same, if not deeper. 

What do I get from a Postnatal MOT with Anna Winstanley compared with The Mummy MOT?

Postnatal MOT with Anna Winstanley PhysiotherapyThe Mummy MOT
Postural Assessment
Pelvic Floor Muscle assessment
Abdominal muscle assessment
Bladder dysfunction screening
Bowel dysfunction screening
Sexual dysfunction screening
Musculoskeletal assessment
Treatment and follow-up
Education and advice
Bespoke rehabilitation programme
Manual therapiesDepends on your chosen provider
PilatesDepends on your chosen provider
Prolapse managementDepends on your chosen provider
Continence rehabilitationDepends on your chosen provider
Musculoskeletal injury managementDepends on your chosen provider
Specialist support equipment, devices and products.Depends on your chosen provider

How do I know what’s right for me?

Whoever you choose to carry out your postnatal check with, it’s important to check the following:

  • The healthcare professional is registered with the appropriate governing body. For physiotherapists, this is the HCPC; Midwives – the RCM; Osteopaths – The General Osteopathic council. I am a Chartered Physiotherapist, registered with the HCPC and a member of POGP.
  • The healthcare professional is experienced in assessing and managing the types of problems that you have. Different professionals will have different special interests, career paths and post-graduate training portfolios. They are as unique in their skillset as you are in your body, mind, lifestyle and goals. I have 19 years of experience as a physio, working with mums with musculoskeletal, pelvic health and Pilates needs. 
  • The healthcare professional is well connected with other professionals in the local community so that if necessary, they can signpost you to the best people to help you achieve your goals. That might be psychotherapeutic support, breastfeeding support, babywearing, postnatal doulas, matrescence coaches or fitness professionals and personal trainers who specialise in your particular sport or activity. Through my many years of experience and practice in York, I have formed good working relationships with all manner of birth and parent support practitioners.
  • You feel comfortable with the person that you will be working with! I offer a free 15 minute video chat for prospective patients to get to know me and ask any questions that they may have prior to booking. Email exchanges also very welcome!

Check out my blog to find out more about the postnatal check that I offer or book your free 15 minute call today.

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