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Private Pilates classes

Take time to reconnect with your mind and body with personalised private Pilates classes in York.

Private Pilates classes in York are for you if:

What's included in private pilates?

Anna Winstanley hosing one of her private Pilates classes with a client

What to expect at your pilates appointment

Before attending you will complete a detailed pre-assessment form to ensure that all essential details are captured and we can make the most of our first session together.

When we meet at my studio, I will carry out a consultation directed by what you have told me on the pre-assessment form. This is your opportunity to tell me about your goals and any day to day limitations that you may be experiencing.

Then it’s time to get on the mat! Initially, I will assess your movement and posture, before commencing the taught session. I will introduce the key Pilates principles that are most relevant to you, and some of the Pilates essential moves. In subsequent weeks we will progress through levels of difficulty, introduce small equipment and incorporate functional movements that help you achieve your goals. 

I am also able to provide lifestyle advice and homework if you want it! If you have any niggles that arise – no problem – my Physio hat is still in place whenever we need it.

How are you supported after your private Pilates appointment?

After your private Pilates session, I’ll send you an email with any homeworkables, resources or other inspiration. I’ll be contactable via email in between appointments, should you need clarification on anything.

Between sessions, I will plan for our next meeting, with your goals and preferences in mind, so that when you come along, you can be sure that we are always working towards your goals.

You will be getting on with your usual activities, but perhaps with a little bit more mindful thought and appreciation for your body. And hopefully, I have given you the tools to start to really understand the connection between your body, your mind and any difficulties you might encounter with either of those.

Meet anna winstanley

Hi, I’m Anna Winstanley, Physiotherapist and certified Pilates instructor. I have been practising Pilates for 15 years and teaching for 10 years. It has helped me through hip pain, post natal recovery and complimented all the other active pursuits I’ve tried along the way. Mostly, I just love how it makes me feel to move mindfully, breathe well and feel connected to myself. I can’t wait to help you feel the same.  

A headshot of Anna Winstanley, licensed Physiotherapist and Pilates coach

frequently asked private pilates questions

My group Pilates classes are popular and often fully subscribed. However, places do sometimes open up – join the mailing list to be the first to know about my private pilates classes in York.

Sure – get in touch and we can get those dates locked down.

You are enough just how you are. I’m more interested in how motivated you are; are you curious enough? We all begin somewhere, so let’s begin.

Of course. Not all my clients do homework. Some clients come to see me simply because I offer accountability for them to do that one session a week.

All movement is good for managing back pain. Pilates can be a great method for this because it is gentle and fosters self-understanding. If you have never tried it before I’d encourage anybody to try it. BUT if you don’t like it – that’s ok too – there are other movement practices out there that you will find enjoyable and that is the most important thing.

It depends on what stage you are at and what your injury is – if you aren’t sure get in touch to arrange a free 15-minute chat so I can direct you to the right appointment type.

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