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Why do Pilates with a physiotherapist?

why do Pilates with a physiotherapist
  • The APPI method of modified Pilates was formulated using the classical repertoire of Joseph Pilates, with each exercise being broken down into 4-6 levels, making the repertoire more accessible to a wider population from rehabilitation clients through to sporting clients.
  • Physiotherapists have a deep understanding of anatomy, biomechanics and health due to undergraduate training, usually followed by several years clinical experience completing ‘rotations’ through the various clinical specialisms. Physiotherapists are ideally placed to provide safe but challenging Pilates programs which can be individually adapted to each person in the room. You can also be sure that your physio pilates instructor has an eye for detail when it comes to your health and wellbeing and knows when to refer you on to the appropriate specialist.
  • Pilates instructors may wait several years before undertaking specialist courses to learn about specific populations such as back pain, pre- and post-natal, osteoporosis, etc. Physiotherapists have that solid foundational knowledge already and a strong professional ethos of learning and applying new knowledge to patient problems – and we also like doing our development courses too 😉
  • Occasionally you might turn up to your appointment with a bit of a niggle – it’s easy enough to flex between physio and pilates during a one to one session and get those niggles quickly checked out so you have the right advice and the go-ahead with your other activities. 

All physiotherapists and all Pilates instructors are not the same. Each has their own area of specialism and their own unique blend of approaches and professional toolkits. Always make sure that the person you work with has the right qualifications and that you feel comfortable working with them. York is blessed with several excellent Pilates instructors and I’m always happy to recommend those I know and trust, even if you don’t end up working with me!

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