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What to expect at your physiotherapy appointment

What to expect at your women’s health physiotherapy appointment in York.

Prior to your initial appointment you will complete a detailed pre-assessment form to ensure that all essential details are captured and we can make the most of our first appointment together.

At that first appointment, we will have a thorough consultation regarding your current problems, any medical background and lifestyle factors. This is your opportunity to voice your concerns and be heard.

The physical assessment will follow, in which I will assess posture, any functional movements, lumbopelvic joints and muscles and breathing mechanics. A pelvic floor muscle assessment will establish the tone, strength and quality of your pelvic floor muscles. Find out what to expect from the pelvic health assessment here.

Finally a bespoke plan will be agreed, and you will receive initial guidance and if appropriate, your individual movement prescription.

Each session will include an educational component to help you understand the physiological, biomechanical and psycho-social factors which may be contributing to your problem. I believe that understanding your own body underpins successful physical recovery. I aim to make that knowledge relatable for you and welcome discussion and questioning.

How are you supported after your appointment?

After your assessment, you will receive your bespoke exercise program emailed out to you, accessible on a downloadable app or by PDF on request. You will also receive any additional resources, tips and encouragement. Anna is contactable via email in between appointments should you need further clarification on anything. Some women find this to be a good way to communicate more personal or intimate information about their symptoms which they find difficult to mention in person. Depending on your progress and treatment type, follow up appointments can be in person or via video call – whichever is most convenient for you, week to week.

Meet anna winstanley

Anna Winstanley is an experienced Chartered Physiotherapist in York, with a passion for providing bespoke, evidence-based care for all women throughout their life stages. She is dedicated to ensuring that women feel heard and supported on their path to health.

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frequently asked women's health physiotherapy questions

The internal vaginal examination is an important part of the assessment which tells us about the health, tone and coordination of the pelvic floor muscles. It is by no means mandatory and is only ever carried out with your informed, ongoing consent. It should never be painful and can be stopped at any time if you are not comfortable. If you have any concerns or questions – get in touch, I would never want your apprehension about this aspect of the assessment to prevent you from accessing pelvic health physiotherapy.

This doesn’t matter at all! All hairstyles are welcome! As pelvic health physios not only have we seen it all, we are genuinely more concerned about the anatomy and its function than how anything looks. And speaking of looks… all vulvas are different – check out the Great Wall of Vagina by artist Jamie McCartney or 100 Vaginas by artist Laura Dodsworth.

There are several reasons why this might be, but if you have been trying consistently for a while to no avail, it’s definitely worth getting checked out by a pelvic health physio who can assess the quality and strength of your contraction, or identify other confounding issues.

This depends on the severity of your symptoms, how you respond to initial treatment, your means, your availability, how much support you need etc.

That’s not a problem either. It isn’t a barrier to any external physio like exercises or advice, or indeed to internal assessment. It’s really just down to how you feel when you are on your period.

Absolutely, babies are welcome and I don’t want this to be a barrier to attending. You can play with your baby, feed your baby, change your baby – it’s all good. I’ve been there don’t forget! By the same token though, some women prefer to come without their baby so they can really take the time for themselves.

Something comfortable and loose.

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