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Pelvic health physiotherapy – what to expect

What to expect at your pelvic health appointment

Where to come

Anna Winstanley Physiotherapy is based on the first floor of Rebalance Studios. Once you arrive for your pelvic health appointment, make your way up and I will welcome you into my lovely space. There is a toilet right opposite my treatment room, and I’ll have the room set up ready for our appointment. 

There is a privacy screen to get changed behind if you are coming straight from work, and I have fresh water, clean glasses and a selection of herbal teas.

Are you sitting comfortably?

If it’s your first appointment, we’ll first sit down for an in-depth chat about your symptoms, your overall health and your lifestyle. I’ll also ask lots of questions – some of them might seem unrelated to your pelvic health problem! However, this part is really important to help me gain bigger picture of what may be contributing to your symptoms. With that knowledge, I can devise what type of treatment is going to work for you. Many patients find this part to be extremely beneficial, as it’s rare that they have had the opportunity to talk in depth to a healthcare professional about what’s been bothering them. 

The physical examination

The pelvic area can affect how you walk, move and breathe so I’ll assess all of these. Next I will feel your tummy for any abnormalities. If it’s a post-natal check I will assess for any tummy separation and have a look at your C-Section scar if you have one.

If an internal vaginal examination is needed, we will discuss this and proceed only with your consent. This part begins with an external observation of the tissues before the internal examination is carried out using a gloved, single finger palpation technique. This enables me to assess the strength, tone, symmetry and co-ordination of your pelvic floor muscles. Prolapse, scars and vulval health are also evaluated. Your comfort and dignity are of the utmost importance throughout, so I’ll always have plenty of tissues, towels, blankets and pillows at the ready. 

Following the internal assessment, I will ask you to dress in private before we discuss the findings, how they relate to your symptoms, and the plan of action moving forward. Your treatment plan will likely include some lifestyle advice and strategies as well as an exercise program. 

A summary of our consultation and all the advice and exercises will be emailed to you following your appointment, along with any other resources you might need.

That’s all great info – what do I do next?

I welcome prospective patients to have a free video or telephone call prior to booking in – just use the link below if you would like to discuss anything further.

Book your pelvic health physiotherapy assessment today.

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